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 We are Spica UK Suppliers of modern fashionable quality shoes

The miraculous moment when a human starts walking instead of crawling is closely related with the recognition of his or her body and trusting it. These first steps are the initial transition in which they become individuals who wonder, question and explore by controlling their own bodies and their physical activities. These are the most meaningful steps to freedom.

We, too, took our first steps without forgetting these ideas, in a very tiny atelier. Experience is indeed the most valuable gain in this process, we continued to design and manufacture shoes; to tirelessly start over when there is a vast distance between the reality and our imagination; to start over hundreds of times to achieve the most perfect form of a single model.

*Because of this, you will find elegant, exclusive and unique designs/models that are tested numerously.

For us, the process has always been the priority rather than the result. Overcoming the difficulties in the process produces better results and a more meaningful achievement. The main difficulty in the process was our perception of the shoe making profession as a skilled craft  in an era of automation.

For us, focusing deeply to master a specific issue achieves quality in the long term. The most remarkable difference between us and other manufacturers is that we produce ORTHOPEDIC dance shoes with a PATENTED  heel angle.

The ideal dance shoe must have a 40 degree orthopedic angle. It should mould the foot well and distribute the weight from heel to toe effectively. This ensures  the weight is always maintained at the right spot and loss of balance will not be experienced.

REMEMBER every high-heeled shoe is not a dance shoe. Regardless if you are beginner or professional level, you must ensure that the dance shoes will maintain your balance and comfort when dancing. For us, the most pleasing comments are from those who have never worn dance shoes, or even a high-heeled shoe before, and express how they feel balanced, comfortable and free as if they are dancing bare foot.

Because of this, f COMFORT and BALANCE is more important than design

Our customers are considered valuable and important. You are welcome to visit our showroom in Kent for expert advice and fitting or you can purchase directly online